How long does a lesson take?All lessons take 45 or 60 minutes.
When do the courses start?The courses begin daily at 9:00, then every 15 minutes. The clients are kindly asked to come 5 minutes in advance, properly dressed.
When can I reserve the courses?We take reservations everyday from 9:00 to 22:00. Reservations must be made a day before the start of the course at the latest. Please reserve well in advance.
What is the minimal and maximal group size at the group lessons?Each group must have at least four clients. Maximum size depends on the experience of the clients and individual arrangements.
Do the lessons compose a whole course?Yes, a whole course encompasses 5 days of 2 lessons each day.
Does the price of a lesson include renting ski or snowboard equipment?No, the price does not include renting ski or snowboard equipment.
Do beginners need a Ski-Pass? Which Ski-Pass options are the most advantageous?Beginners do not need a Ski-Pass. After the course the instructor will advise on the best Ski-Pass option.
Does the lesson price include also the lift?No, the lift must be paid in the ski centre where the course is held.
Do I need a helmet?Yes, children under 15 years of age are obliged to wear a helmet. The security of our clients is paramount and we encourage all our clients to wear a helmet.
What is the minimum age of a student? A child must be minimum three years old for a skiing lesson and six for a snowboard lesson.
Can I watch my child during the lesson?Yes, but we encourage parents to keep a distance (out of the child´s sight) in order not to disrupt the lesson.
What if the child needs to go to the toilet?The instructor is responsible for the children and will take care of them any situation.
Can the parent take lessons at the same time as the child?Certainly at the same time, but not in the same group. Only children aged 15 or older can be in the same group with their parents.